7:00 am - 2:00 pm


These items served only until 11AM.

 Scrambled Egg & Cheese Slider on a pressed bolillo roll or biscuit $3.00 

(add ham, bacon, or house-made chorizo $1)

 Egg & Cheddar Torta w/ Cabbage Relish on a pressed bolillo roll. Served w/ one side $6.25 (add ham, bacon, or sausage $1

* Two Fresh Local Eggs Any Style  served w/ toast or biscuit and one side  $6.00 

 Breakfast Burrito scrambled eggs with cheddar, peppers, green onions, crema, and cumin potatoes wrapped in a flour tortilla served with tomatillo salsa and a side $7.75 

(add house-made chorizo or bacon $1)



These items available till 3:00 p.m.!

▼★*Omelet Fresh local eggs filled with your choice of cheddar, bacon, ham, spinach, peppers, green onion, and/or tomatillo salsa, served with toast or biscuit & one side $9.50 

▼★*Huevos Rancheros Two fried local eggs over black beans & corn tortillas, with cheese and tomatillo salsa. Served with one side $9.75 (add house-made chorizo or bacon $1

▼★*Disco Eggs. 2 fried local eggs with green onion, peppers, cilantro, curry and chili powder over masala potatoes and finished with green chutney. Served w/ toasted flatbread & one side $9.25 

Side of bacon or house-made chorizo $2.00



Come with one side dish and a house made pickle. Woo!

Pulled Pork Torta with cabbage relish on a pressed bolillo roll from La Sabrosita Bakery $10.50

Thai Turkey OR Falafel on pita with rice wine pickled cabbage, carrots & Daikon radish served with basil and cilantro chutney. $9.75

ˆ⚘Fried Plantain Mofongo OR Grilled Surry Sausage with refried black beans, tomatilla salasa, avocado and curtido on bolillo accompanied with sweet chili sauce. $8.75

Open Faced Fried Chicken Sandwich with pickled succotash and smoked tomato jam. $9.75 


Two Tacos! Choose PORK or BLACK BEANˆ topped with radish, cilantro, house-smoked feta cheese, lime, jalapeño & tomatillo salsa.  Served with one side dish $8.75 add avocado $1.50

Two Pupusas filled with black bean and cheese topped with radish, cilantro,tomatillo salsa, jalapeño and lime. Served with curtido and on side dish  $8.25  (Add pulled pork $3.00 add avocado $1.50)

▼★➲ Falafel over broken sesame cucumbers, lettuce, feta and radish finished with house vinaigrette $8.50

Seared Tune with Horseradish Cream over chopped hardy salad mix and pickled egg finished with Pernod vinaigrette $11.50

ˆ⚘ BBQ Tofu Spring Rolls with cilantro, carrots, mixed greens and mango served with red chili and soy ginger sauces. $8.25

 Thai Seasoned Pulled Pork over greens with chilies, mint, peanuts and lime. $9.50

 Grilled Chimichurri Chicken with pickled cucumbers, sundried tomatoes, parmesan and avocado. $9.25

SIDES   $3.00

Made from scratch, with fresh ingredients

Byrd Mill Grits
Lentils & Feta
Lemon White Beans
Fresh Fruit Salad
Curried Chickpeas
Dressed Salad

Soup as side add $1


Coffee $1.50 Coke $1.50 Diet Coke $1.50
Hot tea $1.50 Iced tea $1.75 Chai Iced Coffee $2.00
Orange Juice $2.00 Orangina $1.50 Dr. Browns Ginger Ale $1.50

Mimosa $7.00


Bowl     $4.50

Cup       $3.50

ˆ⚘ Vegan         ▼ Vegetarian         ★ Gluten­Free             ➲ Nuts

*The consumption of raw or undercooked eggs, meat, poultry, seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of foodborne illness

Notice: Menu items and pricing subject to change.