5:00 - 10:00 pm


 Black Bean and Cheese Pupusa with curtido and salsa 5

Griddled Surry Sausage with sweet dates and lemon Gastrique. 7

 Thin Fried Catfish with cocktail and saffron rémoulade 8

Polenta Frites with Piri Piri, Masala aioli 6

 Seared Goat Cheese with pickled mango chutney and crostini 7

Green Salad with House vinaigrette 5 ˆ



Served with salad and polenta frites and salad

 Pulled Pork Torta with Cabbage Relish on pressed bolillo roll from La Sabrosita Bakery 11

 Roasted Butternut on Pressed Bolillo with celery-apple slaw & cashew butter 10ˆ…

 Fried Piri Piri Chicken OR ˆCauliflower  sandwich with caraway, cabbage and pepper chow chow 10

 Cuban Picadillo Torta Braised ground beef with olives, capers, raisins topped with cilantro and seasoned crema 11



 Sauteed Crab Cake with a Frisee, Radicchio, orange vinaigrette salad, sweet potato gaufrettes with Saffron remoulade 20 …

Chicken Schnitzel over Beet Spätzle fried egg and pickled mustard seed 16

 Spicy Beef Soyu Flank Steak* with spicy peanuts accompanied with Jerk collard greens and roasted Turnips Romesco 17 …

 Artichoke Cakes over roasted butternut squash, finished with cilantro green chutney and curried Cashew butter 16 ˆ…

Falafel and Roasted Butternut Squash Feta, dried Cranberries and radish over mixed greens with orange vinaigrette. 10…


Vegetarian Gluten-free … Nuts  ˆVegan

*The consumption of raw or undercooked eggs, meat, poultry, seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of foodborne illness


 Allagash White 6

Austin Cider 5

Busky Cider 5

Bells 2 Hearted Ale 5

Black Label 1    

Old Milwaukee 1

Champion Shower Beer 5

Crabbie’s Ginger Beer 6

Polestar Pilsner 5

Founders Porter 5

Goodwood Walnut Brown Ale 6

Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Ale 5

Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat Ale 6


Glass 6 / Bottle 20


Don Silvestre Malbec – Argentina

La Greňa Tempranillo – Spain

Mas Sauvaire Red Blend – France


Gini Soave Classico – Italy

Patient Cottat Sauvignon Blanc – France

Bojador – White Blend - Portugal



Can Xa Cava – Spain

La Galope Rosé – France

Simonet – Sparkling Blanc de Blancs - France



Glass 6

Dow’s LBV Porto ’11 – Portugal

Morenita Cream Sherry - Spain


Tequila Sangrita

shot of Lunazul Blanco and chaser of orange, lime, grenadine and tapatio 7

 Richmond Gimlet

mint, lime juice, simple syrup and Aviation gin, shaken served up 10

 Black Hearted Margarita

tequila anejo, fresh lime juice, triple sec and molasses 11

 Smokin’ Tijuana Taxi

Casadores resposado, Cointreau, fresh lemon and orange juices, simple syrup, and jalapeño garnish 12

Virginia Creeper

named after the SWVA coal country rail line

Belle Isle Moonshine, Amaretto, Aviation Gin, lemon juice, bitters 14


Blue Christmas

shooter of Lunazul Blanco, Blue Curacao, and fresh lime juice 7

Dark & Stormy

Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, Crabbie’s ginger beer, simple syrup, ginger and fresh lime juice 10

 Irish Coffee

Jameson’s Irish, brown sugar strong coffee and whipped cream 10

The Grand Inebriator

Hot Chocolate, Kahlua, Chambord and housemade marshmallows 10

Notice: Menu items and pricing subject to change.