5:00 - 10:00 pm



Black Bean and Cheese Pupusa  with curtido and tomatillo salsa 5 ▼★

Spicy Sautéed Shrimp  in smokey BBQ butter 9

Parmesan Polenta Frites with Romesco  5 ▼★

Seared Goat Cheese with pickled mango and crostini 7

Thin Fried Catfish with cocktail and saffron remoulade 8

Falafel with apple compote and pickled red onions  5


Pulled Pork Torta with cabbage relish on a pressed bolillo roll from La Sabrosita Bakery 11

Fried Plantain Mofongo with tomatillo salsa, black beans and curtido on bolillo accompanied with sweet chili sauce 9 ………⚑

BBQ Shrimp Po Boy with a spicy cabbage sundried tomato salad 11


Sautéed Crabcake over Romesco parmesan polenta fries and wilted Arugula finished with saffron remoulade 18 ˆ★

Chicken Schnitzel over lemon herb spätzle with Arugula, fried egg and pickled mustard seed 16

Seared Tuna over Soba noodles with blanched vegetables and Thai red curry finished with fried curry leaves 17

Mofongo Fried garlic plantains Puerto Rican style with tomato, black beans and citrus Mojo 15 ▼★ˆ⚘ Add Shrimp 6, Pork 5, Chicken 4 

Shrimp in Chipotle Sauce with Surry smoked sausage, chilies and Tomatillo Pico de Gallo over hominy 17

Thai Seasoned Pulled Pork over greens with chilies, mint, peanuts and lime 11★ ………⚑

Falafel Arugula Salad with radish, cucumbers, feta and pistachios finished with Harrisa Tahini dressing 10 ▼★ ………⚑

▼ Vegetarian ★ Gluten­Free ………⚑ Nuts  ˆ⚘ Vegan

The consumption of raw or undercooked eggs, meat, poultry, seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of foodborne illness


6 glass   |   20 bottle


Vina Galana Tempranillo,  Spain

Dolcetto D'Alba - Italy

Terre du Sol Malbec - France

Fiore Rosso, Toscana - Italy

Gran Passione Rosso - Italy

Primitivo il Pumo - Italy

Dow's LBV Porto '11 - Portugal

Morenita Cream Sherry - Spain


Laurent Miquel Chardonnay - France

Tavignano Verdicchio - Italy

Patient Cottat Sauvignon Blanc -France

Rava Vino Verde

Can Xa, Cava - Spain

Comté Tolosan Rosé - France


Allagash White $6

Austin Cider $5

Ballast Point Sculpin $5

Ballast Point Kolsch $5

Bells 2 Hearted IPA  $5

Black Label  $1

Champion Shower Beer $5

Firestone Pilsner $5

Founder's Porter $5

Lagunitas Lil' Sumpin' $5

Goodwood Walnut Brown Ale $6


Coffee $1.50                                  

Hot tea $1.50                     

Orange Juice $2.00                          

Orangina $1.50

Iced tea $1.75                                

Coke $1.50                         

Diet Coke $1.50                            

Dr. Browns Ginger Ale $1.50

Notice: Menu items and pricing subject to change.